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Rapid Antibiotic and Pesticide tests

Antibiotic Tests:

The test is applicable to milk and dairy products i.e. milk powder, Lactose, whey protein concentrate etc

The test covers 16 groups, more than 50 antibiotics. It has very low limit of detection.

The test is simple, portable to field and cost effective + Made in India

Pesticide test:

The test covers all food, beverage products, raw fruits and vegetables, and even soil.

Simple robust test that can be carried out in the field.

Takes less than 2 hours to complete and covers 7 pesticide groups.

The test is simple, portable to field and cost effective + Made in India

Real Time PCR Tests

We are working with a Danish MNC to promote real time PCR tests. The tests are for Animal health and food testing. 

The major RT PCR tests we have for animal health are:


  1. Mastitis test for cows at dairy farm (3 hrs 30 min) – 16 bacteria and virus

  2. Enterit test for Diarrhoea in cattle ( 4 hrs 15 min)

  3. Para TB in cattle ( 3 hrs)

  4. Pneumonia Test in cattle ( 4hrs)

  5. Salmonella for cows (3 Hrs)


These tests pinpoint the exact bacteria or virus causing illness. Specific antibiotic very specific to the bacteria is given. Correct antibiotic is fed to the animal and recovery is very fast. The milk becomes antibiotic free faster. . Traditional tests take 6-7 days by which time the disease inflicts the animal badly and there is also a chance that it spreads to other animals. With RT PCR the time is reduced to few hours with better accuracy.

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