About Us

Pustira Marketing LLP is the sales and marketing arm for companies who wish to enter the Indian market and firms who want to have a better control on their business in India.


We have a team that can work on application, carry out demonstrations, technical discussions, work on Projects and close deals with the clients. We share insights on latest developments happening in the industry and new products being introduced in the markets.

We engage with partners/principals who are leaders in the Industry. We believe in value addition to our clients by supporting them in their challenges. We collaborate with our clients to help them grow their business and in turn grow our own business. We look at nurturing and strengthening our relationships over a long period providing the best fit solutions. We are quick and nimble and pride ourselves in faster response time to clients.

About Us

Real Time PCR Tests

We are working with a Danish MNC to promote real time PCR tests. The tests are for Animal health and food testing. 

The major RT PCR tests we have for animal health are:


  1. Mastitis test for cows at dairy farm (3 hrs 30 min) – 16 bacteria and virus

  2. Enterit test for Diarrhoea in cattle ( 4 hrs 15 min)

  3. Para TB in cattle ( 3 hrs)

  4. Pneumonia Test in cattle ( 4hrs)

  5. Salmonella for cows (3 Hrs)


These tests pinpoint the exact bacteria or virus causing illness. Specific antibiotic very specific to the bacteria is given. Correct antibiotic is fed to the animal and recovery is very fast. The milk becomes antibiotic free faster. . Traditional tests take 6-7 days by which time the disease inflicts the animal badly and there is also a chance that it spreads to other animals. With RT PCR the time is reduced to few hours with better accuracy.

Cattle Health

This project is aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of cattle in India. We will provide premium quality Calf Milk Replacer to farmers, mega farms and dairies. This will support in better and faster growth of our cattle, better health and better yield from Milch animals. It will help in bringing down the mortality rate in the young ones and supporting them to grow better and becoming productive faster.



One project coming up is on supporting the Industry to get rid of Surplus and deficiencies. These are in the form of:

  1. Inventory of non-moving or excess raw material

  2. Inventory of non-useable packaging material

  3. Under utilised capacities in manufacturing

  4. Empty Godowns/spaces being put to no use

  5. Requirement of part time experts for knowledge intensive requirements

 SurplusCart will spread it wings to cover the Industry and help it to utilize unused resources. We would like industry in inch towards optimisation of resources and shed its flab.

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